LYUDMILA ZHUKOVA, a physician specializing in bioenergetics, can activate passive cells of a sick body without resorting to surgical treatment or pharmaceuticals, not even touching a patient “It’s as if I set a machine going, give an impetus and then the work begins,” she said in an exclusive interview with The Ukrainian Times.

A lot of people, who applied to the center of nontraditional medicine Energetika headed by Ms Zhukova, were given effective help Remarkably, Zhukova can also relieve sufferings of death-marked patients in their last days.

In most cases, the results of treatment are positive that is proved by clinical tests conducted before and after the treatment.

Lyudmila Zhukova has been practicing nontraditional medicine for 34 years. Over this period she has worked not only in Ukraine but also in 17 countries She has conceived the project of the St Olga Hospital which would combine traditional and nontraditional medicine “This hospital would be unique as my followers and I can provide timely medical assistance not only in Ukraine but also abroad Bioenergetics knows no borders “.

All over the world people suffer from the same diseases and similar accidents happen m different parts of the globe Importantly, Zhukova is able to provide treatment at a distance Speaking with a patient over the telephone, she can remove pain of a shock after an accident and stop bleeding As is known, many people die due to the delay in rendering necessary medical assistance.

According to Zhukova, at the hospital a special course in this method can be taught to capable medical students.

In addition, director of the center Energetika holds a patent for a method of teaching bioenergetic techniques to children The textbook on the method was published in 1996 and translated into English and German She believes that it will be very useful to teach persons how to protect themselves from diseases at a special center of the hospital.

In accordance with the project, the St Olga Hospital will require a space of 1,200-1,500 square meters The hospital will be a private enterprise managed by the board of directors It is planned to open there an inpatient department and three sections diagnostic, treatment and resuscitation wards The Energetika management also intends to organize medical tourism, treatment of patients abroad and the involvement of foreign physicians in working at the hospital It is projected that specialists of the hospital will also give a free medical aid Foreign investors are invited to take part m the project valued at a total of $2 million.



”The Ukrainian times”, May 1998


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